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NEWS for the 2.3 release
* Support for the ripemd-160 hash function.
* Generates and installs nettle.pc and hogweed.pc files, for
use with pkg-config. Feedback appreciated. For projects
using autoconf, the traditional non-pkg-config ways of
detecting libraries, and setting LIBS and LDFLAGS, is still
* Fixed a bug which made the testsuite fail in the GCM test on
certain platforms. Should not affect any documented features
of the library.
* Reorganization of the code for the various Merkle-Damgård
hash functions. Some fields in the context structs for md4,
md5 and sha1 have been renamed, for consistency.
Applications should not peek inside these structs, and the
ABI is unchanged.
* In the manual, fixed mis-placed const in certain function
* In the context struct sha1_ctx renamed the attribute
"digest" to "state". Applications should not peek inside
this struct, and the ABI is unchanged.
The library is intended to be binary compatible with
nettle-2.2. The shared library names are and, with sonames still and
NEWS for the 2.2 release
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