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Rev: src/nettle/ChangeLog:1.331
Rev: src/nettle/NEWS:1.21
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2005-10-05 Niels Mller <>
* (TARGETS, DISTFILES): Added nettle.pdf.
(.texinfo.dvi,, .ps.pdf): New targets, to build nettle.pdf.
(DOCTARGETS): New variable with targets that shouldn't be deleted
by make clean.
(maintainer-clean-here): New target. Deletes generated
documentation files.
* nettle.texinfo: Define AUTHOR with accents, when running in TeX
mode, which doesn't handle latin-1 properly. Set UPDATED-FOR to
1.13. Updated copyright years, and introduced a COPYRIGHT-YEARS
symbol. Updated copyright section, to mention assembler
(Cipher modes): Transformed the Cipher Block Chaining to a section
Cipher modes, describing both CBC and the new CTR mode.
* src/nettle/x86/aes_tables.asm: Deleted unused file.
* x86/aes.asm: Deleted contents. This file is needed just to
override aes.c, which isn't needed for the x86 implementation.
* (SHLIBMINOR): Increased minor number. Library
version is now, soname still
* examples/nettle-benchmark.c (main): Reordered hash benchmarks.
* x86/sha1-compress.asm (EXPAND): Use % 16 instead of & 15 to
compute offsets mod 16, since m4 on FreeBSD 49.RELEASE and NetBSD
doesn't implement & correctly in eval.
NEWS for the 1.13 release
Implemented CTR mode.
Fixed problem with broken m4 on bsd, which resulted in
corrupted x86 assembler for sha1.
Improved sha1 performance on x86.
Configure check to figure out if symbols in assembler files
need a leading underscore.
Improved benchmark program. Displays cycles per byte and block,
and compares with openssl (if openssl is installed).
Terminating newline in output from sexp-conv --hash.
The library is intended to be binary compatible with earlier
versions. The library name is However, the
interface for the internal function _nettle_sha1_compress has
changed; any program that calls this function directly will
NEWS for the 1.12 release
Fixed a bug in the configure script.
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