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Added some notes on the w64 ABI.

Rev: nettle/x86_64/README:1.3
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......@@ -23,3 +23,31 @@ Registers May be Argument
w64 ABI, according to
Registers May be Argument
clobbered number
%rax Y
%rcx Y 1
%rdx Y 2
%rsp (SP)
%r8 Y 3
%r9 Y 4
%r10 Y
%r11 Y
Additional arguments are passed on the stack. "backing store" on the
stack for the four register arguments is also required. %xmm6 and
%xmm7 are callee-saved. The "long" type is just 32 bits. Nettle
currently does *NOT* support this ABI.
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