Commit 9aafb117 authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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Delete no longer used .p$(OBJEXT) from make .SUFFIXES.

parent 91c0fc50
2016-09-03 Niels Möller <>
* (.SUFFIXES): Delete no longer used .p$(OBJEXT).
* sexp.h (TOKEN_CHAR): Delete macro and declaration of
sexp_token_chars. They belong in tools/misc.h, not here.
......@@ -83,7 +83,7 @@ default: all
# compile was broken when .SUFFIXES was moved here from
.SUFFIXES: .asm .c .$(OBJEXT) .p$(OBJEXT) .html .dvi .info .exe .pdf .ps .texinfo
.SUFFIXES: .asm .c .$(OBJEXT) .html .dvi .info .exe .pdf .ps .texinfo
# Disable builtin rule
%$(EXEEXT) : %.c
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