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Rev: src/nettle/ChangeLog:1.68
Rev: src/nettle/aes-meta.c:1.2
parent 9217ac1c
2002-02-14 Niels Möller <>
* yarrow256.c: Replaced uses of aes_set_key with
* nettle-meta.h (_NETTLE_CIPHER_SEP): New macro, useful for
algorithms with separate encyption and decryption key setup.
* aes-internal.h (struct aes_table): New structure, including all
constant tables needed by the unified encryption or decryption
function _aes_crypt.
* aes.c (_aes_crypt): New function, which unifies encryption and
AES key setup now uses two separate functions for setting
encryption and decryption keys. Applications that don't do
decryption need no inverted subkeys and no code to generate them.
Similarly, the tables (about 4K each for encryption and
decryption), are put into separate files.
* aes.h (struct aes_ctx): Deleted space for inverse subkeys. For
decryption, the inverse subkeys replace the normal subkeys, and
they are stored _in the order they are used_.
* aes-set-key.c (aes_set_key): Deleted file, code moved...
* aes-set-decrypt-key.c, aes-set-encrypt-key.c: New files,
separated normal and inverse key setup.
* aes-tables.c: Deleted, tables moved elsewhere...
* aes-encrypt.c, aes-decrypt.c: New files; moved encryption and
decryption funktions, and needed tables, into separate files.
2002-02-13 Niels Möller <>
* aes.c (aes_encrypt): Don't unroll the innerloop.
......@@ -25,10 +25,10 @@
#include "aes.h"
const struct nettle_cipher nettle_aes128
= _NETTLE_CIPHER(aes, AES, 128);
= _NETTLE_CIPHER_SEP(aes, AES, 128);
const struct nettle_cipher nettle_aes192
= _NETTLE_CIPHER(aes, AES, 192);
= _NETTLE_CIPHER_SEP(aes, AES, 192);
const struct nettle_cipher nettle_aes256
= _NETTLE_CIPHER(aes, AES, 256);
= _NETTLE_CIPHER_SEP(aes, AES, 256);
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