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Rev: src/nettle/ChangeLog:1.121
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2002-10-07 Niels Mller <>
* sexp.h (enum sexp_type): Deleted SEXP_START.
* sexp.c (sexp_iterator_parse): New function, similar to the old
sexp_iterator_next, but independent of the previous value of the
(sexp_iterator_first): Use sexp_iterator_parse.
(sexp_iterator_next): Likewise.
(sexp_iterator_enter_list): Use sexp_iterator_parse. SEXP_START
not needed anymore.
(sexp_iterator_exit_list): Likewise.
2002-10-06 Niels Mller <>
* sexp2rsa.c (get_value): No need to call sexp_iterator_next
* sexp.c (sexp_iterator_assoc): Advance the iterator to the
element after a matching tag, before recording it.
* testsuite/sexp-test.c (test_main): Updated test.
* testsuite/sexp-test.c (test_main): No need to call
sexp_iterator_next after sexp_iterator_exit_list.
* sexp2rsa.c (rsa_keypair_from_sexp): No need to call
sexp_iterator_next anymore.
* sexp.c (sexp_iterator_next): Updated to new sexp_iterator_exit_list.
(sexp_iterator_exit_list): Return with iterator pointing to the
element after the list.
(sexp_iterator_check_type): Call sexp_iterator_next before
(sexp_iterator_check_types): Likewise.
(sexp_iterator_assoc): Rearranged calls of sexp_iterator_next.
* sexp.c (sexp_iterator_enter_list): Call sexp_iterator_next to
get to the first element of the list. Updated callers.
* base64.c (base64_encode_group): New function, used by openpgp
armoring code.
* Added openpgp files.
* sexp2rsa.c (rsa_keypair_from_sexp): Use sexp_iterator_first.
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