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Rev: nettle/ChangeLog:1.8
parent 1ecd65fa
2008-01-05 Niels Mller <>
* examples/ (TARGETS): Added eratosthenes and next-prime.
(next-prime, eratosthenes): New rules.
(nettle-benchmark): Don't rely on $@.
* examples/eratosthenes.c (find_first_one): Optimized, using
slightly larger table.
(main): Use atol, arther than atoi.
* testsuite/symbols-test: Check symbols also in libhogweed.
* examples/next-prime.c: New file.
Deleted code for detailed timing.
* (hogweed_SOURCES): Added bignum-next-prime.c.
(DISTFILES): Added prime-list.h.
(hogweed_OBJS): Removed $(LIBOBJS).
* bignum-next-prime.c (nettle_next_prime): Renamed function, for
name space reasons. Was bignum_next_prime. Updated call in
(primes): Use prime-list.h.
(nettle_next_prime): Skip Fermat test. Use mpz_millerrabin
directly, rather than mpz_probab_prime_p, when the former is
* bignum.h (nettle_next_prime): New prototype.
* rsa-keygen.c (bignum_next_prime): Deleted, moved to
bignum-next-prime.c. Call with a larger prime limit, this improves
the running time of lsh-keygen by roughly 25%.
* prime-list.h: List of odd primes < 2^16.
* Check for sizeof(long).
2008-01-03 Niels Mller <>
* examples/nettle-benchmark.c (main): Removed incorrect UNUSED
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