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matchning av maskinnamn klarar wheat-chex

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......@@ -1560,8 +1560,9 @@ MY-SESSION-NO is the session number of the running session."
(defun lyskom-return-username (who-info)
"Takes the username from the WHO-INFO and returns it on a better format."
(let* ((username (who-info->username who-info))
(type (or (string-match "\\(\\w+\\)%\\(.+\\)@\\(\\w+\\)" username)
(string-match "\\(\\w+\\)@\\(\\w+\\)" username))))
(type (or
(string-match "\\([^%@.]+\\)%\\(.+\\)@\\([^%@.]+\\)" username)
(string-match "\\([^%@.]+\\)@\\([^%@.]+\\)" username))))
(if type
(let ((name (substring username 0 (match-end 1)))
(sent (if (match-beginning 3)
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