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Choose a mark type not already in use when creating new symbolic mark types.

parent 152ef616
2001-04-22 Johan Sundstrm <>
* commands1.el (lyskom-get-least-used-mark-types-alist): New
(lyskom-allocate-mark-type): Does no longer reuse used non-named
marks,when possible, and defaults to the least used non-named one
2001-04-21 Joel Rosdahl <>
* english-strings.el (lyskom-command): Better description of
......@@ -1936,22 +1936,57 @@ exist."
(defun lyskom-allocate-mark-type ()
"Returns the first mark type available that is neither named nor used.
If no such type existed, the least used non-named mark type is returned.
If no such existed either, nil is returned."
(setq kom-symbolic-marks-alist
(sort kom-symbolic-marks-alist
(function (lambda (x y) (< (cdr x) (cdr y))))))
(let ((i 0)
(list kom-symbolic-marks-alist)
(used (lyskom-get-least-used-mark-types-alist))
(found nil))
(while (and list
(not found)
(while (and (not found)
(< i 256))
(if (not (= i (cdr (car list))))
(setq found t)
(setq list (cdr list))
(setq i (1+ i))))
(if (< i 256)
(when (not (assq i used)) ; mark type i not presently used?
(when list
(if (= i (cdar list)) ; already named?
(setq list (cdr list))
(setq found t)))) ; neither used nor named!
(when (not found)
(++ i)))
(if (and found (< i 256))
; no unused and unnamed mark type available; fall back
; to the least used not-yet-named type, if available:
(when (and used
(< (length used) 256)
(< (length list) 256))
(cdar used)))))
(defun lyskom-get-least-used-mark-types-alist ()
"Returns an alist from mark type to number of such marks, ordered by
increasing number of marks per mark type (and, when equal, by mark type)."
(let ((mark-list (cache-get-marked-texts))
(cnt-alist nil)) ; the number of texts marked by each mark type
;; Count the number of texts marked per mark type:
(while (not (null mark-list))
(let* ((mark (car mark-list))
(type (mark->mark-type mark))
(tcnt (assq type cnt-alist)))
(when tcnt (setq tcnt (cdr tcnt)))
(set-alist 'cnt-alist type (if (null tcnt) 1 (1+ tcnt))))
(setq mark-list (cdr mark-list)))
;; Sort the list, least-used, lowest number of mark type first:
(sort cnt-alist
(function (lambda (x y)
((< (cdr x) (cdr y)) t)
((= (cdr x) (cdr y)) (< (car x) (car y)))
(t nil)))))))
;;; ================================================================
;;; ]terse alla markerade - Review marked texts
......@@ -1978,7 +2013,7 @@ If MARK-NO is nil, review all marked texts."
(let ((mark-list (cache-get-marked-texts))
(text-list nil))
(while (not (null mark-list))
(let ((mark (car mark-list)))
(let ((mark (car mark-list)))
(if (and mark
(or (null mark-no)
(eq mark-no (mark->mark-type mark))))
......@@ -1994,7 +2029,7 @@ If MARK-NO is nil, review all marked texts."
(let ((read-info (lyskom-create-read-info
(lyskom-create-text-list text-list)
(lyskom-create-text-list text-list)
nil t)))
(read-list-enter-read-info read-info lyskom-reading-list t)
(read-list-enter-read-info read-info lyskom-to-do-list t)))))
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