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Better handling of personal messages.

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......@@ -263,9 +263,33 @@ Args: SENDER: conf-stat for the person issuing the broadcast message or a
RECIPIENT: 0 if this message is for everybody, otherwise the pers-no
of the user.
MESSAGE: A string containing the message."
((eq kom-show-personal-messages-in-buffer t)
(lyskom-insert-personal-message sender recipient message
((null kom-show-personal-messages-in-buffer))
(set-buffer (get-buffer-create kom-show-personal-messages-in-buffer))
(goto-char (point-max))
(lyskom-insert-personal-message sender recipient message 'insert))))
(run-hooks 'lyskom-personal-message-hook))
(defun lyskom-insert-personal-message (sender recipient message
"Insert a personal message in the current buffer.
SENDER is a pers-stat (possibly nil) or a string.
RECIPIENT is 0 if the message is public, otherwise the pers-no of the user.
MESSAGE is a string containing the message.
INSERT-FUNCTION is a function that given a string inserts it into the
current buffer."
(if (= recipient 0)
(lyskom-format 'message-broadcast
......@@ -281,9 +305,12 @@ Args: SENDER: conf-stat for the person issuing the broadcast message or a
(t (lyskom-get-string 'unknown)))
(substring (current-time-string) 11 19))))
(funcall insert-function
(if kom-pop-personal-messages
(pop-to-buffer (current-buffer)))
(if kom-ding-on-personal-messages
;;; ================================================================
......@@ -151,7 +151,20 @@ otherwise => the new conf is entered after all conferences.")
(defvar lyskom-prompt-executing-default-command-text ". "
"*Text to end the prompt while the default-commands is executing.")
(defvar kom-show-personal-messages-in-buffer t
"*Buffer to show personal messages in.
If nil, discard them.
If t, insert them in the *kom* buffert.
If non-nil and non-t this should be a buffer or a name of a (possibly
nonexistent) buffer in which the message is inserted.")
(defvar kom-pop-personal-messages nil
"*Non-nil means pop up a buffer with personal messages as they arrive.
kom-show-personal-messages-in-buffer decides which buffer to pop.")
(defvar kom-ding-on-personal-messages t
"*Non-nil means ding as personal messages arrive.
Non-nil and non-t means only ding when they really are personal.")
(defconst lyskom-elisp-variables '(
......@@ -422,6 +435,14 @@ The hook is run with current-buffer the lyskom buffer, not the who-info-buffer."
"*Hook to run when we have logged in. Other purposes than kom-do-when-starting.
This could be set in the user-area.")
(defvar lyskom-personal-message-hook nil
"*Hook to run when a personal message is received.
When the hook is run 'sender' is bound to the pers-stat of the sender
of the message (or possibly nil), 'recipient' is 0 if the message is a
public message and otherwise the pers-no of the user, and 'message' is
a string that holds the message.")
(defvar lyskom-executing-command t
"Non-nil means the client is executing a command.
Most commands can't be interrupted by another command.")
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