Commit 70fc33b0 authored by David Byers's avatar David Byers
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Renamed lyskom-old-farts-text-prompt-strategy to kom-... as per the docs

New background colors for async messages
parent 18e73648
2002-09-11 David Byers <>
* (kom-old-farts-text-prompt-strategy): Renamed from
lyskom-old-farts-text-prompt-strategy. This is the name that
appears in the documentation.
(lyskom-face-schemes): Bakgrunden fr meddelanden ndrad till
grna toner. Det passar bttre ihop med det bl.
Speculative fix for bug 738:
* utilities.el (lyskom-recode-string-for-title): Recode string in
win32. This should fix the problem.
......@@ -122,7 +122,7 @@ if the variable is in kom-dont-read-saved-variables."
;;; User flags
(defconst lyskom-old-farts-text-prompt-strategy
(defconst kom-old-farts-text-prompt-strategy
'((kom-comment-previous . ((t . lyskom-get-previous-text)
(nil . lyskom-get-previous-text)))
(t . ((t . lyskom-get-last-read-text)
......@@ -2849,8 +2849,8 @@ the value of kom-tell-phrases for fun.")
(kom-dim-face default "gray" nil)
(kom-dashed-lines-face nil nil "#e8e8ff")
(kom-text-body-face nil nil "#f8f8ff")
(kom-async-dashed-lines-face nil nil "#ffe8e8")
(kom-async-text-body-face nil nil "#fff8f8")
(kom-async-dashed-lines-face nil nil "#e8ffe8")
(kom-async-text-body-face nil nil "#f8fff8")
(property expected-background "white")
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