Commit 78131dbb authored by David Byers's avatar David Byers
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Fix bug 516: incorrect menu separators in XEmacs

parent 43d0037b
2002-05-08 David Byers <>
Bug 516:
* menus.el (lyskom-define-menu-xemacs): Handle hline items in the
menu specification according to what works in XEmcas 21.4.
Automatic color selection for highlight colors:
* compatibility.el (lyskom-color-values): Smarter definition that
can handle both strings and specifiers in XEmacs.
......@@ -185,7 +185,7 @@
((eq (car item) 'hline)
(vector "--:shadowEtchedIn" nil ':active nil) )
((eq (car item) 'menu)
(lyskom-define-menu-xemacs item))
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