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No commit message
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Mon Sep 30 01:25:23 1996 David Kgedal <>
* commands1.el (lyskom-quit): Ta bort rtt sak ur listorna.
* startup.el (lyskom-mode): Stng av undo-information och gr
KOM-bufferten skrivskyddad.
* commands1.el (kom-list-clients): Anvnd strngen
(lyskom-who-is-on-9): Anvnd rtt strng p slutet.
Sun Sep 29 15:21:36 1996 David Kgedal <>
* lyskom-rest.el (lyskom-prefetch-all-confs): Gr ingenting...
......@@ -902,9 +902,9 @@ If optional argument is non-nil then dont ask for confirmation."
Don't ask for confirmation."
(initiate-logout 'main nil)
(setq lyskom-sessions-with-unread
(delq lyskom-proc lyskom-sessions-with-unread))
(delq lyskom-buffer lyskom-sessions-with-unread))
(setq lyskom-sessions-with-unread-letters
(delq lyskom-proc lyskom-sessions-with-unread-letters))
(delq lyskom-buffer lyskom-sessions-with-unread-letters))
(set-process-sentinel lyskom-proc nil)
(delete-process lyskom-proc)
(setq lyskom-proc)
......@@ -1572,7 +1572,7 @@ Uses Protocol A version 8 calls"
(lyskom-insert (concat (make-string (- (lyskom-window-width) 2) ?-)
(lyskom-insert (lyskom-format 'total-users total-users))))
(lyskom-insert (lyskom-format 'total-visible-users total-users))))
(defun lyskom-who-is-on-9 (arg)
......@@ -1673,7 +1673,16 @@ Uses Protocol A version 9 calls"
(lyskom-insert (concat (make-string (- (lyskom-window-width) 2) ?-)
(lyskom-insert (lyskom-format 'total-users total-users))))
(lyskom-insert (lyskom-format
(cond ((and wants-invisibles (zerop idle-hide))
((zerop idle-hide)
(defun lyskom-insert-deferred-session-info (session-info defer-info)
(if session-info
......@@ -1739,7 +1748,7 @@ Uses Protocol A version 9 calls"
(lyskom-insert (concat (make-string (- (lyskom-window-width) 2) ?-)
(lyskom-insert (lyskom-format 'total-users total-users))))
(lyskom-insert (lyskom-format 'total-visible-users total-users))))
(defun lyskom-deferred-client-1 (name defer-info)
......@@ -355,7 +355,12 @@ and you have finished reading. Please come back later.
On this day, in 1973, the Lysator Academic Computer Society was
formed, and it was a great day in the history of computing in Sweden.
Read all about it at")
(total-users . " A total of %#1d active users.\n")
(total-users . " A total of %#1d users.\n")
(total-visible-users . " A total of %#1d visible users.\n")
(total-active-users . " A total of %#1d active users.\n")
. " A total of %#1d visible active users.\n")
(who-to-add-q . "Add who/what as a recipient: ")
(who-to-add-copy-q . "Add which conference/user as recipient of a carbon copy: ")
(who-to-sub-q . "Remove who/what as a recipient: ")
......@@ -591,7 +591,9 @@ to see, set of call."
(use-local-map lyskom-mode-map)
(run-hooks 'lyskom-mode-hook)
(setq buffer-read-only t))
(defun lyskom-clear-vars ()
"Set up buffer-local vars."
......@@ -367,7 +367,11 @@ P\345 denna dag, \345r 1973, grundades Lysator, och det var en stor dag
i svensk datorhistoria. L\344s mer p\345")
(total-users . " Sammanlagt %#1d aktiva anv\344ndare.\n")
(total-users . " Sammanlagt %#1d anv\344ndare.\n")
(total-visible-users . " Sammanlagt %#1d synliga anv\344ndare.\n")
(total-active-users . " Sammanlagt %#1d aktiva anv\344ndare.\n")
. " Sammanlagt %#1d synliga aktiva anv\344ndare.\n")
(who-to-add-q . "Vilket m\366te/person vill du addera som mottagare? ")
(who-to-add-copy-q . "Vilket m\366te/person vill du addera som kopiemottagare? ")
(who-to-sub-q . "Vilket m\366te/person vill du subtrahera som mottagare? ")
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