Commit daab8933 authored by David Byers's avatar David Byers
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Maybe fix warnings in 21.3 byte compiler

parent 7f1f3771
2002-11-21 David Byers <>
* lyskom-buttons.el (lyskom-generate-button): Protect call to car
that was done to cause an error if menu-title was not a cons from
warnings in the byte compiler.
* review.el (kom-review-comments): Call to lyskom-insert-string
was not in parens.
* prefetch.el (lyskom-prefetch-membership-handler): Commeted out a
loop that didn't contain a body that did anything useful.
* keyboard-menu.el (lyskom-keyboard-menu-keys-for-string): Fixed
bug found by warnings in pretest for 21.3.
* compatibility.el (condition-case): Fix warnings in Gnu Emacs
pretest for 21.3.
(lyskom-dummy-variable-to-fool-the-byte-compiler): New variable
for putting values of forms called only for their side effects in.
2002-11-21 Joel Rosdahl <>
* lyskom-rest.el (lyskom-modify-prompt): Use lyskom-format-time to
......@@ -629,10 +629,12 @@ Otherwise treat \\ in NEWTEXT string as special:
(condition-case nil
(symbol-value ':default-help-echo)
(setq lyskom-dummy-variable-to-fool-the-byte-compiler
(symbol-value ':default-help-echo))
(error (set ':default-help-echo ':default-help-echo)))
(condition-case nil
(symbol-value ':group)
(setq lyskom-dummy-variable-to-fool-the-byte-compiler
(symbol-value ':group))
(error (set ':group ':group))))
......@@ -76,8 +76,8 @@ Like read-event in Gnu Emacs or next-command-event in XEmacs."
(setq b-lc (cons (downcase (substring word 1 2)) b-lc)
b-uc (cons (upcase (substring word 1 2)) b-uc)))
(when (> (length word) 2)
c-lc (cons (downcase (substring word 2 3)) c-lc)
c-uc (cons (upcase (substring word 2 3)) c-uc))
(setq c-lc (cons (downcase (substring word 2 3)) c-lc)
c-uc (cons (upcase (substring word 2 3)) c-uc)))
(mapcar (lambda (s)
......@@ -429,7 +429,8 @@ argument MENU-TITLE defines the title for the popup menu. See
lyskom-default-button for more information. Optional argument SUBTLE
means don't set the lyskom-button property if non-nil. that means
kom-next- and -previous-link won't notice the button"
(car menu-title) ; produce error if menu-title not cons
(setq lyskom-dummy-variable-to-fool-the-byte-compiler
(car menu-title)) ; produce error if menu-title not cons
(let* ((persno (cond ((boundp 'lyskom-pers-no) lyskom-pers-no)
((and (boundp 'lyskom-buffer) lyskom-buffer)
......@@ -714,8 +714,8 @@ Put the requests on QUEUE."
;;; memberships))
(lyskom-insert-memberships-in-membership memberships)
(while (< i size)
(let ((membership (aref memberships i)))
;;; (while (< i size)
;;; (let ((membership (aref memberships i)))
;;; Commented out 1999-06-26 byers
;;; This should not be necessary since we know that all of these
;;; maps were empty when we started the client. Texts created after
......@@ -726,8 +726,8 @@ Put the requests on QUEUE."
;;; (lyskom-prefetch-map (membership->conf-no membership)
;;; membership
;;; queue))
(++ i))
;;; (++ i))
(if (and (numberp lyskom-membership-is-read)
(< (length memberships) lyskom-fetch-membership-length))
......@@ -1236,7 +1236,7 @@ text is shown and a REVIEW list is built to shown the other ones."
(cache-del-text-stat text-no))
(blocking-do 'get-text-stat text-no)))
(t lyskom-insert-string 'read-text-first)))
(t (lyskom-insert-string 'read-text-first))))
(defun lyskom-review-comments (text-stat)
......@@ -35,6 +35,8 @@
(concat lyskom-clientversion-long
(defvar lyskom-dummy-variable-to-fool-the-byte-compiler)
(defvar lyskom-mule-compiled
(eval-when-compile (and (fboundp 'multibyte-string-p)
(multibyte-string-p "ÅÄÖ")))
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