Commit f130afa7 authored by Linus Tolke's avatar Linus Tolke
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New distribution-makefile (this one did probably not work.)

parent df19e4ad
......@@ -31,33 +31,41 @@ RM = /usr/gnu/bin/rm -vf
# this should load your favorite byte-compiler
EMACS-BATCH = emacs -batch
PARTS-EL = vars.el komtypes.el clienttypes.el startup.el \
PARTS-EL = komtypes.el clienttypes.el startup.el \
internal.el parse.el services.el cache.el\
commands1.el commands2.el review.el edit-text.el \
view-text.el async.el completing-read.el \
prioritize.el \
prioritize.el flags.el \
elib-string.el \
HEADER-EL = macros.el
HEADER-ELC = macros.elc
SRC-ELC = vars.elc komtypes.elc clienttypes.elc startup.elc \
HEADER-EL = macros.el vars.el
HEADER-ELC = macros.elc vars.elc
SWEDISH-EL = swedish-strings.el
SWEDISH-ELC = swedish-strings.elc
ENGLISH-EL = english-strings.el
ENGLISH-ELC = english-strings.elc
SRC-ELC = komtypes.elc clienttypes.elc startup.elc \
internal.elc parse.elc services.elc cache.elc\
commands1.elc commands2.elc review.elc edit-text.elc \
view-text.elc async.elc completing-read.elc \
prioritize.elc \
prioritize.elc flags.elc \
elib-string.elc \
.SUFFIXES : .el .elc
$(EMACS-BATCH) -l ./macros.elc -f batch-byte-compile $*.el
lyskom.elc: elc-files
cat $(HEADER-ELC) $(PARTS-ELC) > lyskom.elc
cat $(HEADER-ELC) $(SWEDISH-ELC) $(PARTS-ELC) > lyskom.elc
english-lyskom.elc: $(HEADER-ELC) $(ENGLISH-ELC) $(PARTS-ELC)
cat $(HEADER-ELC) $(ENGLISH-ELC) $(PARTS-ELC) > english-lyskom.elc
lyskom.el: $(HEADER-EL) $(PARTS-EL)
cat $(HEADER-EL) $(PARTS-EL) > lyskom.el
lyskom.el: $(HEADER-EL) $(SWEDISH-EL) $(PARTS-EL)
cat $(HEADER-EL) $(SWEDISH-EL) $(PARTS-EL) > lyskom.el
elc-files: $(HEADER-ELC) $(PARTS-ELC)
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