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    * serpent.c (ROUNDS): Deleted macro. · e57e557f
    Niels Möller authored
    (serpent_block_t): Deleted array typedef.
    (KEYXOR): New macro, replacing BLOCK_XOR.
    (BLOCK_COPY, SBOX, SBOX_INVERSE): Deleted macros.
    (LINEAR_TRANSFORMATION): Use four separate arguments.
    (ROUND): Take separate arguments for all input and output words.
    (ROUND_INVERSE): Likewise.
    (ROUND_LAST, ROUND_FIRST_INVERSE): Deleted macros.
    (serpent_set_key): Moved loop termination test.
    (serpent_encrypt): Rewrote with unrolling of just eight rounds,
    and without serpent_block_t.
    (serpent_decrypt): Likewise.
    Rev: nettle/ChangeLog:1.174
    Rev: nettle/serpent.c:1.7
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