Commit a2c38d31 authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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(_aes_crypt): Moved some registers around. We now use input

registers only for arguments, local registers for loop invariants,
output registers for temporaries and loop variables, and no global
registers at all.

Rev: src/nettle/sparc/aes.asm:1.123
parent 47c59e94
......@@ -19,12 +19,13 @@
! MA 02111-1307, USA.
! NOTE: Some of the %g registers are reserved for operating system etc
! (see gcc/config/sparc.h). We should use only %g1-%g3 to be safe.
! (see gcc/config/sparc.h). The only %g registers that seems safe to
! use are %g1-%g3.
! Used registers: %l0,1,2,3,4,6,7
! Used registers: %l0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7
! %i0,1,2,3,4 (%i6=%fp, %i7 = return)
! %o0,1,2,,4,7 (%o6=%sp)
! %g5
! %o0,1,2,3,4 (%o6=%sp)
.file "aes.asm"
......@@ -41,25 +42,26 @@ define(tmp, %l1)
define(diff, %l2)
define(nrounds, %l3)
! Further loop invariants
define(T0, %l4)
define(T1, %l5)
define(T2, %l6)
define(T3, %l7)
! Teporaries
define(t0, %o0)
define(t1, %o1)
define(t2, %o2)
! Loop variables
define(round, %l4)
define(round, %o3)
define(key, %o4)
! Further loop invariants
define(T0, %l6)
define(T1, %l7)
define(T2, %g5)
define(T3, %o7)
C IDX1 cointains the permutation values * 4 + 2
define(IDX1, <T + AES_SIDX1 >)
C IDX3 cointains the permutation values * 4
define(IDX3, <T + AES_SIDX3 >)
! Teporaries
define(t0, %o0)
define(t1, %o1)
define(t2, %o2)
C Get one word of input, XOR with first subkey, store in wtxt
......@@ -88,9 +90,6 @@ C Input in wtxt, output stored in tmp + i.
C The comments mark which j in T->table[j][ Bj(wtxt[IDXi(i)]) ]
C the instruction is a part of.
C The code uses the register %o[j], aka tj, as the primary
C register for that sub-expression. True for j==1,3.
define(<AES_ROUND>, <
ld [IDX1+$1], t1 ! 1
ldub [wtxt+$1+3], t0 ! 0
......@@ -182,7 +181,6 @@ _aes_crypt:
add %fp, -24, wtxt
add %fp, -40, tmp
ld [ctx + AES_NROUNDS], nrounds
! Compute xor, so that we can swap efficiently.
xor wtxt, tmp, diff
......@@ -193,6 +191,7 @@ _aes_crypt:
add T, AES_TABLE1, T1
add T, AES_TABLE2, T2
add T, AES_TABLE3, T3
C Read src, and add initial subkey
......@@ -204,7 +203,7 @@ _aes_crypt:
sub nrounds, 1, round
add ctx, 16, key
AES_ROUND(0) ! i = 0
......@@ -215,9 +214,9 @@ _aes_crypt:
! switch roles for tmp and wtxt
xor wtxt, diff, wtxt
xor tmp, diff, tmp
subcc round, 1, round
bne .Lround_loop
add key, 16, key
C Final round, and storage of the output
......@@ -228,16 +227,14 @@ _aes_crypt:
AES_FINAL_ROUND(12) ! i = 3
addcc length, -16, length
bne .Lblock_loop
add dst, 16, dst
.size _aes_crypt,.LLfe1-_aes_crypt
.size _aes_crypt,.Leord-_aes_crypt
! Benchmarks on my slow sparcstation:
! Original C code
......@@ -343,3 +340,19 @@ _aes_crypt:
! aes256 (CBC encrypt): 15.59s, 0.641MB/s
! aes256 (CBC decrypt): 15.76s, 0.635MB/s
! After unrolling loops, and other optimizations suggested by
! Marcus:
! aes128 (ECB encrypt): 6.40s, 1.562MB/s
! aes128 (ECB decrypt): 8.17s, 1.224MB/s
! aes128 (CBC encrypt): 13.11s, 0.763MB/s
! aes128 (CBC decrypt): 10.05s, 0.995MB/s
! aes192 (ECB encrypt): 7.43s, 1.346MB/s
! aes192 (ECB decrypt): 9.51s, 1.052MB/s
! aes192 (CBC encrypt): 14.09s, 0.710MB/s
! aes192 (CBC decrypt): 11.58s, 0.864MB/s
! aes256 (ECB encrypt): 8.57s, 1.167MB/s
! aes256 (ECB decrypt): 11.13s, 0.898MB/s
! aes256 (CBC encrypt): 15.30s, 0.654MB/s
! aes256 (CBC decrypt): 12.93s, 0.773MB/s
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