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    * rsa_md5.c, rsa_sha1.c: Deleted files, contents spread over · 5e6440f0
    Niels Möller authored
    several files for signing and verification.
    * rsa-sign.c, rsa-sha1-verify.c, rsa-sha1-sign.c,
    rsa-md5-verify.c, rsa-md5-sign.c:  New files.
    * rsa-sha1-verify.c (rsa_sha1_verify_digest): New function.
    * rsa-sha1-sign.c (rsa_sha1_sign_digest):  New function.
    * rsa-md5-verify.c (rsa_md5_verify_digest):  New function.
    * rsa-md5-sign.c (rsa_md5_sign_digest):  New function.
    * rsa-verify.c (_rsa_verify): New file, new function.
    * rsa.c (_rsa_check_size): Renamed from rsa_check_size, and made
    non-static. Private key functions moved to rsa-sign.c.
    Rev: src/nettle/rsa-md5-sign.c:1.1
    Rev: src/nettle/rsa-md5-verify.c:1.1
    Rev: src/nettle/rsa-sha1-sign.c:1.1
    Rev: src/nettle/rsa-sha1-verify.c:1.1
    Rev: src/nettle/rsa-sign.c:1.1
    Rev: src/nettle/rsa-verify.c:1.1
    Rev: src/nettle/rsa.c:1.10
    Rev: src/nettle/rsa.h:1.18