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Rev: src/nettle/ChangeLog:1.240
parent 785a6631
2004-02-07 Niels Mller <>
* tools/sexp-conv.c (xalloc): New function.
(main): Use xalloc.
* tools/output.c (sexp_put_digest): Use TMP_DECL instead of alloca.
* testsuite/testutils.c (xalloc): New function. Made all other
functions use xalloc instead of alloca.
* examples/rsa-keygen.c (main): Use xalloc for allocation.
* examples/rsa-encrypt.c (write_bignum): Likewise.
* examples/rsa-decrypt.c (read_bignum): Likewise.
* testsuite/yarrow-test.c (open_file): Likewise.
* testsuite/rsa-encrypt-test.c (test_main): Likewise.
* testsuite/bignum-test.c (test_bignum): Likewise.
* examples/nettle-openssl.c: When calling des_key_sched and
des_ecb_encrypt, cst arguments to (void *). Openssl's typedefs
des_cblock and const_des_cblock are too broken.
* examples/nettle-benchmark.c (xalloc): New function. Use instead
of alloca, for better portability.
* examples/io.c (xalloc): New function.
* nettle-internal.h (TMP_ALLOC etc): Include <alloca.h> if
* (nodist_libnettleinclude_HEADERS): nettle-types.h
should not be distributed.
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