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(Public-key algorithms): Say that the public key

operations are undocumented, not unsupported. Reported by Jeronimo

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......@@ -1507,9 +1507,9 @@ knows the secret, it is easy to compute both @code{F} and it's inverse.
If this sounds strange, look at the @acronym{RSA} example below.
Two important uses for one-way functions with trapdoors are public-key
encryption, and digital signatures. Of these, I won't say more about
public-key encryption, as that isn't yet supported by Nettle. So the
rest of this chapter is about digital signatures.
encryption, and digital signatures. The public-key encryption functions
in Nettle are not yet documented; the rest of this chapter is about
digital signatures.
To use a digital signature algorithm, one must first create a
@dfn{key-pair}: A public key and a corresponding private key. The private
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