Commit 3d6969f8 authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller

Update NEWS file. Say that fat builds are now on by default.

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NEWS for the Nettle 3.7 release
This release adds one new feature, the bcrypt password hashing
function, and lots of optimizations.
function, and lots of optimizations. There's also one
important change to how Nettle is configured: Fat builds are
now on by default.
The release adds PowerPC64 assembly for a few algorithms,
resulting in great speedups. Benchmarked on a Power9 machine,
speedup was 13 times for AES256-CTR and AES256-GCM, and 3.5
times for Chacha. Since the new PowerPC64 code depends on
optional instructions, it is not enabled by default. The
recommended way to enable it, with runtime detection of
available instructions, is to configure with --enable-fat.
times for Chacha. For fat builds (now the default), the new
code is used automatically, on processors supporting the needed
instruction set extensions.
The new version is intended to be fully source and binary
compatible with Nettle-3.6. The shared library names are
......@@ -33,6 +34,14 @@ NEWS for the Nettle 3.7 release
* Overhaul of some elliptic curve primitives, improving ECDSA
signature speed.
* Fat builds are enabled by default on the architectures where
it is supported (x86_64, arm and powerpc64). To disable
runtime selection, and instead specify the processor flavor
at configure time, you need to pass --disable-fat to the
configure script.
* Use a few more gmp-6.1 functions: mpn_cnd_add_n,
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