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ecc_eh_to_a interface change, optionally reduce x mod q.

parent 91784d65
2014-08-28 Niels Möller <>
* ecc-eh-to-a.c (ecc_eh_to_a): Analogous change as for ecc_j_to_a.
The modulo q case (op == 2) is hardcoded for curve25519.
* ecc-j-to-a.c (ecc_j_to_a): For curves using redc, always convert
back from redc form. When producing x coordiante only optionally
reduce it modulo q. Completely changes the meaning of the "flags"
......@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@ curve25519_mul_g (uint8_t *r, const uint8_t *n)
mpn_set_base256_le (x, ecc_size, t, CURVE25519_SIZE);
ecc_mul_g_eh (&nettle_curve25519, p, x, scratch_out);
ecc_eh_to_a (&nettle_curve25519, 2, x, p, scratch_out);
ecc_eh_to_a (&nettle_curve25519, 1, x, p, scratch_out);
mpn_get_base256_le (r, CURVE25519_SIZE, x, ecc_size);
gmp_free_limbs (scratch, itch);
......@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@ curve25519_mul (uint8_t *q, const uint8_t *n, const uint8_t *p)
mpn_set_base256_le (s, ecc->size, t, CURVE25519_SIZE);
ecc_mul_a_eh (ecc, x, s, x, scratch_out);
ecc_eh_to_a (ecc, 2, s, x, scratch_out);
ecc_eh_to_a (ecc, 1, s, x, scratch_out);
mpn_get_base256_le (q, CURVE25519_SIZE, s, ecc->size);
gmp_free_limbs (scratch, itch);
......@@ -33,6 +33,8 @@
# include "config.h"
#include <assert.h>
#include "ecc.h"
#include "ecc-internal.h"
......@@ -47,7 +49,7 @@ ecc_eh_to_a_itch (const struct ecc_curve *ecc)
coordinates on the corresponding Montgomery curve. */
ecc_eh_to_a (const struct ecc_curve *ecc,
int flags,
int op,
mp_limb_t *r, const mp_limb_t *p,
mp_limb_t *scratch)
......@@ -88,10 +90,24 @@ ecc_eh_to_a (const struct ecc_curve *ecc,
cy = mpn_sub_n (xp, tp, ecc->p, ecc->size);
cnd_copy (cy, xp, tp, ecc->size);
if (flags & 2)
if (op)
/* Skip y coordinate */
if (op > 1)
/* Reduce modulo q. FIXME: Hardcoded for curve25519,
duplicates end of ecc_25519_modq. */
mp_limb_t cy;
unsigned shift;
assert (ecc->bit_size == 255);
shift = 252 - GMP_NUMB_BITS * (ecc->size - 1);
cy = mpn_submul_1 (xp, ecc->q, ecc->size,
xp[ecc->size-1] >> shift);
assert (cy < 2);
cnd_add_n (cy, xp, ecc->q, ecc->size);
ecc_modp_add (ecc, sp, wp, vp); /* FIXME: Redundant. Also the (W +
V) Z^-1 multiplication is
redundant. */
......@@ -206,7 +206,7 @@ mp_size_t
ecc_eh_to_a_itch (const struct ecc_curve *ecc);
ecc_eh_to_a (const struct ecc_curve *ecc,
int flags,
int op,
mp_limb_t *r, const mp_limb_t *p,
mp_limb_t *scratch);
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