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[S390x] Optimize GHASH

Maamoun TK requested to merge mamonet/nettle:s390x-gcm into s390x

This patch optimizes GHASH algorithm for S390x architecture.

Benchmark of AES-GCM mode functions measured by cycles per byte when message-security-assist is enabled (KM-AES and KIMD-GHASH are used to optimize AES-GCM mode).

Function C (CPB) Hardware accelerated (CPB)
GCM-AES128 Encrypt 33.8 6.8
GCM-AES128 Decrypt 34.0 5.0
GCM-AES128 Update 11.6 0.4
GCM-AES192 Encrypt 38.4 6.8
GCM-AES192 Decrypt 39.1 5.0
GCM-AES192 Update 11.6 0.4
GCM-AES256 Encrypt 41.7 6.6
GCM-AES256 Decrypt 41.7 4.6
GCM-AES256 Update 11.5 0.4

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