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    Fixed compatibility problems with new face code and date reading. · aef90af9
    David Byers authored
    Everything should be functional with Emacs 21.x, 20.7 and XEmacs 21.1.
    Other versions have not been tested yet.
    Detailed changes:
    > 2003-01-02  David Byers  <david.byers@swipnet.se>
    > 	Cosmetics:
    > 	* commands2.el (kom-set-unread): Don't include range in prompt. It
    > 	will be included by lyskom-read-num-range-or-date.
    > 	Compatibility issues with date reading:
    > 	* compatibility.el (lyskom-minibuffer-contents): Provide an alias
    > 	for minibuffer-contents.
    > 	* lyskom-rest.el (lyskom-verified-read-enter): Use
    > 	lyskom-minibuffer-contents instead of minibuffer-contents.
    > 	Work on new face code:
    > 	* faces.el: Fixed bug in call to defface that worked in Gnu Emacs
    > 	but not in XEmacs.
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