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    Performance fix and workaround for XEmacs time zone bug · d3762650
    David Byers authored
    Detailed changes:
    > 2004-06-23  David Byers  <byers@lysator.liu.se>
    > 	Make kom-join-all-conferences more responsive:
    > 	* commands2.el (kom-leave-all-conferences): Update display after
    > 	each conf.
    > 	(kom-join-all-conferences): Same here.
    > 	Improve startup performance:
    > 	* vars.el.in (lyskom-fetch-membership-length): Changed default to
    > 	100 and updated the documentation. We no longer fetch the map this
    > 	way, and a large value cuts down on the number of calls the client
    > 	has to make to the server.
    > 2004-06-13  David Byers  <byers@lysator.liu.se>
    > 	* utilities.el (lyskom-set-connection-time-format): Refuse to set
    > 	UTC if encode-time is broken (i.e. XEmacs 21.4 under Windows).
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