Commit 52d9adab authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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Add benchmark for mpn_sec_powm.

parent 5a40a540
2014-05-27 Niels Möller <>
* examples/ecc-benchmark.c: If mpn_sec_powm is available,
benchmark it, for modinv.
(bench_modinv_powm): New function.
(bench_curve): Use it.
2014-05-22 Niels Möller <>
From Claudio Bley:
......@@ -183,6 +183,21 @@ bench_modinv_gcd (void *p)
modinv_gcd (ctx->ecc, ctx->rp, ctx->rp + ctx->ecc->size, ctx->tp);
#ifdef mpn_sec_powm
static void
bench_modinv_powm (void *p)
struct ecc_ctx *ctx = (struct ecc_ctx *) p;
const struct ecc_curve *ecc = ctx->ecc;
mp_size_t size = ecc->size;
mpn_sub_1 (ctx->rp + size, ecc->p, size, 2);
mpn_sec_powm (ctx->rp, ctx->ap, size,
ctx->rp + size, ecc->bit_size,
ecc->p, size, ctx->tp);
static void
bench_dup_jj (void *p)
......@@ -222,17 +237,27 @@ static void
bench_curve (const struct ecc_curve *ecc)
struct ecc_ctx ctx;
double modp, redc, modq, modinv, modinv_gcd,
double modp, redc, modq, modinv, modinv_gcd, modinv_powm,
dup_jj, add_jja, add_jjj,
mul_g, mul_a;
mp_limb_t mask;
mp_size_t itch;
ctx.ecc = ecc;
ctx.rp = xalloc_limbs (3*ecc->size);
ctx.ap = xalloc_limbs (3*ecc->size);
ctx.bp = xalloc_limbs (3*ecc->size); = xalloc_limbs (ECC_MUL_A_ITCH (ecc->size));
itch = ECC_MUL_A_ITCH (ecc->size);
#ifdef mpn_sec_powm
mp_size_t powm_itch
= mpn_sec_powm_itch (ecc->size, ecc->bit_size, ecc->size);
if (powm_itch > itch)
itch = powm_itch;
#endif = xalloc_limbs (itch);
mpn_random (ctx.ap, 3*ecc->size);
mpn_random (ctx.bp, 3*ecc->size);
......@@ -252,6 +277,11 @@ bench_curve (const struct ecc_curve *ecc)
modinv = time_function (bench_modinv, &ctx);
modinv_gcd = time_function (bench_modinv_gcd, &ctx);
#ifdef mpn_sec_powm
modinv_powm = time_function (bench_modinv_powm, &ctx);
modinv_powm = 0;
dup_jj = time_function (bench_dup_jj, &ctx);
add_jja = time_function (bench_add_jja, &ctx);
add_jjj = time_function (bench_add_jjj, &ctx);
......@@ -263,9 +293,9 @@ bench_curve (const struct ecc_curve *ecc)
free (ctx.bp);
free (;
printf ("%4d %6.4f %6.4f %6.4f %6.2f %6.3f %6.3f %6.3f %6.3f %6.1f %6.1f\n",
printf ("%4d %6.4f %6.4f %6.4f %6.2f %6.3f %6.2f %6.3f %6.3f %6.3f %6.1f %6.1f\n",
ecc->bit_size, 1e6 * modp, 1e6 * redc, 1e6 * modq,
1e6 * modinv, 1e6 * modinv_gcd,
1e6 * modinv, 1e6 * modinv_gcd, 1e6 * modinv_powm,
1e6 * dup_jj, 1e6 * add_jja, 1e6 * add_jjj,
1e6 * mul_g, 1e6 * mul_a);
......@@ -286,8 +316,8 @@ main (int argc UNUSED, char **argv UNUSED)
unsigned i;
printf ("%4s %6s %6s %6s %6s %6s %6s %6s %6s %6s %6s (us)\n",
"size", "modp", "redc", "modq", "modinv", "mi_gcd",
printf ("%4s %6s %6s %6s %6s %6s %6s %6s %6s %6s %6s %6s (us)\n",
"size", "modp", "redc", "modq", "modinv", "mi_gcd", "mi_pow",
"dup_jj", "ad_jja", "ad_jjj",
"mul_g", "mul_a");
for (i = 0; i < numberof (curves); i++)
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