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Rev: src/nettle/ChangeLog:1.320
parent 29b7950b
2005-07-02 Niels Mller <>
* testsuite/ (TS_SOURCES): Added ctr-test.c.
* testsuite/testutils.c (test_cipher_ctr): New function.
* testsuite/ctr-test.c: New file.
* testsuite/cbc-test.c (test_main): Use static const for msg.
* (nettle_SOURCES): Added ctr.c.
(HEADERS): Added ctr.h.
(HEADERS): Added nettle-types.h.
(INSTALL_HEADERS): Install nettle-stdint.h.
(distclean-here): Delete nettle-stdint.h, not nettle-types.h.
* ctr.c (ctr_crypt): New file, new function.
* memxor.c (memxor3): New function, suggested by Adam Langley.
* nettle-internal.h (NETTLE_MAX_CIPHER_BLOCK_SIZE): New constant.
* nettle.texinfo (Cipher functions): Fixed typo in prototype for
arctwo_encrypt (noticed by Adam Langley).
* nettle-meta.h: No longer needs to include cbc.h.
* cbc.h (nettle_crypt_func): Moved typedef to nettle-types.h.
(CBC_ENCRYPT, CBC_DECRYPT): Deleted older #if:ed out versions.
* (AX_CREATE_STDINT_H): Use the file name
nettle-stdint.h, not nettle-types.h.
* nettle-types.h: New file. Automatically generated declarations
are now in nettle-stdint.h.
2005-03-17 Niels Mller <>
* config.guess: Support Solaris on x86_64. Fix by Henrik
......@@ -1350,7 +1386,7 @@
sexp_transport_vformat): New file, new functions.
* sexp-format.c (sexp_format): Return length of output. Allow
buffer == NULL, and onyl compute the needed length in this case.
buffer == NULL, and only compute the needed length in this case.
Renamed %s to %z. New format specifiers %s, %i, and %l.
(sexp_vformat): New function.
(format_prefix): Rewrote to not use snprintf.
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