Commit 5fd00505 authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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* (libnettle_a_SOURCES): Added new rsa and pkcs1

files. Removed old rsa_md5.c and rsa_sha1.c.

Rev: src/nettle/ChangeLog:1.166
Rev: src/nettle/
parent ef49f309
2003-01-23 Niels Mller <>
* (libnettle_a_SOURCES): Added new rsa and pkcs1
files. Removed old rsa_md5.c and rsa_sha1.c.
* testsuite/ (TS_PROGS): Added pkcs1-test.
* dsa-verify.c (dsa_verify_digest): New function.
(dsa_verify): Most of the code moved to dsa_verify_digest, which
is used here.
* dsa-sign.c (dsa_sign_digest): New function.
(dsa_sign): Most of the code moved to dsa_sign_digest, which is
used here.
* dsa.c (_dsa_hash): Deleted function.
* rsa_md5.c, rsa_sha1.c: Deleted files, contents spread over
several files for signing and verification.
* rsa-sign.c, rsa-sha1-verify.c, rsa-sha1-sign.c,
rsa-md5-verify.c, rsa-md5-sign.c: New files.
* rsa-sha1-verify.c (rsa_sha1_verify_digest): New function.
* rsa-sha1-sign.c (rsa_sha1_sign_digest): New function.
* rsa-md5-verify.c (rsa_md5_verify_digest): New function.
* rsa-md5-sign.c (rsa_md5_sign_digest): New function.
* rsa-verify.c (_rsa_verify): New file, new function.
* rsa.c (_rsa_check_size): Renamed from rsa_check_size, and made
non-static. Private key functions moved to rsa-sign.c.
* pkcs1.c, pkcs1.h, pkcs1-rsa-md5.c, pkcs1-rsa-sha1.c: New files.
(pkcs1_signature_prefix): New function.
* testsuite/pkcs1-test.c: New test.
2003-01-22 Niels Mller <>
* examples/ (nettle_benchmark_LDADD): Use
......@@ -18,8 +18,6 @@ libnettleinclude_HEADERS = aes.h arcfour.h blowfish.h \
serpent.h sha.h twofish.h \
# FIXME: There's some confusion on - vs _ in source file names.
# My current belief is that the _-ones ought to be renamed.
libnettle_a_SOURCES = aes.c aes.h aes-internal.h \
aes-decrypt-table.c aes-decrypt.c \
aes-encrypt-table.c aes-encrypt.c \
......@@ -42,7 +40,10 @@ libnettle_a_SOURCES = aes.c aes.h aes-internal.h \
sexp.h sexp.c sexp-format.c \
sexp-transport.c sexp-transport-format.c \
bignum.h bignum.c bignum-random.c sexp2bignum.c \
rsa.h rsa.c rsa_md5.c rsa_sha1.c \
pkcs1.h pkcs1.c pkcs1-rsa-md5.c pkcs1-rsa-sha1.c \
rsa.h rsa.c rsa-sign.c rsa-verify.c \
rsa-md5-sign.c rsa-md5-verify.c \
rsa-sha1-sign.c rsa-sha1-verify.c \
rsa-encrypt.c rsa-decrypt.c \
rsa-keygen.c rsa-compat.h rsa-compat.c \
rsa2sexp.c sexp2rsa.c \
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