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* nettle.texinfo (Compatibility functions): New section,

emntioning md5-compat.h and des-compat.h.

Rev: src/nettle/nettle.texinfo:1.7
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......@@ -305,6 +305,7 @@ This chapter describes all the Nettle functions, grouped by family.
* Cipher functions::
* Cipher Block Chaining::
* Miscellaneous functions::
* Compatibility functions::
@end menu
@node Hash functions, Cipher functions, Reference, Reference
......@@ -963,7 +964,7 @@ the types of @var{f} and @var{ctx} don't match, e.g. if you try to use
an @code{struct aes_ctx} context with the @code{des_encrypt} function.
@node Miscellaneous functions, , Cipher Block Chaining, Reference
@node Miscellaneous functions, Compatibility functions, Cipher Block Chaining, Reference
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@section Miscellaneous functions
......@@ -975,6 +976,34 @@ similar to the ANSI-C @code{memcpy} function.
@code{memxor} is declared in @file{<nettle/memxor.h>}.
@node Compatibility functions, , Miscellaneous functions, Reference
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@section Compatibility functions
For convenience, Nettle includes alternative interfaces to some
algorithms, for compatibilty with some other popular crypto toolkits.
These are not fully documented here; refer to the source or to the
documentation for the original implementation.
MD5 is defined in [RFCXXX], which includes a reference implementation.
Nettle defines a compatible interface to MD5 in
@file{<nettle/md5-compat.h>}. This file defines the typedef
@code{MD5_CTX}, and declares the functions @code{MD5Init}, @code{MD5Update} and
Eric Young's "libdes" (also part of OpenSSL) is a quite popular DES
implementation. Nettle includes a subset if it's interface in
@file{<nettle/des-compat.h>}. This file defines the typedefs
@code{des_key_schedule} and @code{des_cblock}, two constants
@code{DES_ENCRYPT} and @code{DES_DECRYPT}, and declares one global
variable @code{des_check_key}, and the functions @code{des_cbc_cksum}
@code{des_cbc_encrypt}, @code{des_ecb2_encrypt},
@code{des_ecb3_encrypt}, @code{des_ecb_encrypt},
@code{des_ede2_cbc_encrypt}, @code{des_ede3_cbc_encrypt},
@code{des_is_weak_key}, @code{des_key_sched}, @code{des_ncbc_encrypt}
@code{des_set_key}, and @code{des_set_odd_parity}.
@node Installation, Index, Reference, Top
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@chapter Installation
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