Commit 91c0fc50 authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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Prune a few trailing spaces.

parent 369d8dec
......@@ -150,7 +150,7 @@ main (int argc, char **argv)
base16_decode_init (&base16);
if (!base16_decode_update (&base16,
&salt_length, salt,
&salt_length, salt,
salt_length, salt)
|| !base16_decode_final (&base16))
die ("Invalid salt (expecting hex encoding).\n");
......@@ -164,7 +164,7 @@ main (int argc, char **argv)
die ("Reading password input failed: %s.\n", strerror (errno));
output = xalloc (output_length);
pbkdf2_hmac_sha256 (password_length, (const uint8_t *) password,
pbkdf2_hmac_sha256 (password_length, (const uint8_t *) password,
iterations, salt_length, salt,
output_length, output);
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