Commit cc2a3f8a authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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Rework make targets related to test-rules.

parent 7815864d
2017-05-23 Niels Möller <>
Rework the previous change, which had the unintended effect of
always regenerating .test-rules.make after ./configure is run.
* testsuite/ (test-rules.stamp): New stamp file target,
depend on, and run $(MAKE) test-rules.
(.test-rules.make): Add a level of indirection, by depending on
2017-05-20 Niels Möller <>
* testsuite/ (test-rules): Use $(srddir)/-prefix for
......@@ -67,6 +67,7 @@ EXTRA_TARGETS = $(EXTRA_SOURCES:.c=$(EXEEXT))
SOURCES = $(TS_SOURCES) $(EXTRA_SOURCES) testutils.c dlopen-test.c
DISTFILES = $(SOURCES) $(CXX_SOURCES) .test-rules.make \
test-rules.stamp \
$(TS_SH) setup-env teardown-env \
gold-bug.txt testutils.h sha3.awk
......@@ -96,9 +97,7 @@ dlopen-test$(EXEEXT): dlopen-test.$(OBJEXT) testutils.$(OBJEXT)
$(LINK) dlopen-test.$(OBJEXT) -ldl -o dlopen-test$(EXEEXT)
.PHONY: test-rules
test-rules: $(srcdir)/.test-rules.make
$(srcdir)/.test-rules.make: Makefile
(for f in $(TS_NETTLE) $(TS_HOGWEED) $(EXTRA_TARGETS) ; do \
echo $$f'$$(EXEEXT): '$$f'.$$(OBJEXT)' ; \
echo ' $$(LINK) '$$f'.$$(OBJEXT) $$(TEST_OBJS) -o '$$f'$$(EXEEXT)' ; \
......@@ -109,10 +108,14 @@ $(srcdir)/.test-rules.make: Makefile
echo ' $$(LINK_CXX) '$$f'.$$(OBJEXT) $$(TEST_OBJS) -o '$$f'$$(EXEEXT)' ; \
echo ; \
done) > $(srcdir)/.test-rules.make
@echo "******************************************************************"
@echo "testsuite Makefile rules have been regenerated; please re-run make"
@echo "******************************************************************"
$(srcdir)/.test-rules.make: $(srcdir)/test-rules.stamp
# Updates the stamp file *first*, so that this rule isn't triggered
# again and again by the recursive $(MAKE).
echo stamp > $(srcdir)/test-rules.stamp
$(MAKE) test-rules
include $(srcdir)/.test-rules.make
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