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More NEWS entries for 2.6.

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NEWS for the 2.6 release
Bug fixes:
* Fixed a bug in ctr_crypt. For zero length (which should be a
NOP), it sometimes incremented the counter. Reported by Tim
* Fixed a small memory leak in nettle_realloc and
New features:
* Support for PKCS #5 PBKDF2. Contributed by Simon Josefsson.
* Support for PKCS #5 PBKDF2. Contributed by Simon Josefsson.
Specification in RFC 2898 and test vectors in RFC 6070.
* Support for GOST R 34.11-94 hash algorithm. Ported from librhash
by Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos. Written by Aleksey Kravchenko.
More information in RFC4357. Test vectors taken from the GOST
hash wikipedia page.
* Support for SHA3.
* The include file <nettle/sha.h> has been split into
<nettle/sha1.h> and <nettle/sha2.h>. For now, sha.h is kept
for backwards compatibility and it simply includes both
files, but applications are encouraged to use the new names.
The new SHA3 functions are declared in <nettle/sha3.h>.
* Testsuite can be run under valgrind, using
make check EMULATOR='$(VALGRIND)'
For this to work, test programs and other executables now
deallocate storage.
* New configure options --disable-documentation and
--disable-static. Contributed by Sam Thursfield and Alon
Bar-Lev, respectively.
* The section on hash functions in the manual is split into
separate nodes for recommended hash functions and legacy
hash functions.
* Various smaller improvements, most of them portability
fixes. Credits go to David Woodhouse, Tim Rühsen, Martin
Storsjö, Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos, Fredrik Thulin and Dennis
Finally, a note on the naming of the various "SHA" hash
functions. Naming is a bit inconsistent; we have, e.g.,
SHA1: sha1_digest
SHA2: sha256_digest (not sha2_256_digest)
SHA3: sha3_256_digest
Renaming the SHA2 functions to make Nettle's naming more
consistent has been considered, but the current naming follows
common usage. Most documents (including the specification for
SHA2) refer to 256-bit SHA2 as "SHA-256" or "SHA256" rather
than "SHA2-256".
NEWS for the 2.5 release
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