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<h1> Nettle release plans </h1>
<p> This is an attempt at defining a development target for
Nettle-3.0, inspired by similar pages for recent GMP releases. [Last
updated 2014-05-08]</p>
updated 2014-06-01]</p>
<p class='should'>
This really ought to be done before release
......@@ -127,15 +127,16 @@
<p class='done'>
Update config.guess and config.sub. Needed for ppc64le support.
<p class='should'>
<p class='postponed'>
Stop using the nonstandard <tt>.po</tt> extension,
using <tt>.p.o</tt> or some subdirectory instead. Also drop
<tt>CCPIC_MAYBE</tt>, and let the static libraries depend on the
right object files.
<p class='should'>
<p class='postponed'>
Reconsider assembly make rules, going back to a .asm.o: rule might
work better with Solaris' make.
work better with Solaris' make. Alternatively, simply drop support
for non-GNU make programs.
<p class='done'>
Delay building of test programs until <tt>make check</tt>.
......@@ -152,25 +153,33 @@
<p> Since xenofarm isn't up and running, do some manual testing:
<li class='should'> Test with gmp-6.0.0 </li>
<li class='should'> x86_64-linux-gnu</li>
<li class='done'> Test with gmp-6.0.0 </li>
<li class='done'> x86_64-linux-gnu</li>
<li class='done'> x86-linux-gnu</li>
<li class='should'> x86_64-freebsd</li>
<li class='should'> x86-linux-gnu</li>
<li class='should'> x86-freebsd</li>
<li class='should'> x86-w*ndows (using cross compiler and wine)</li>
<li class='wish'> x86_64-w*ndows (seems a bit harder since 64-bit
wine is not yet available in debian)</li>
<li class='done'> x86-w*ndows (using cross compiler and wine)</li>
<li class='done'> x86_64-w*ndows (using cross compiler and wine)</li>
<li class='should'> x86-darwin (needs help from Nettle users)</li>
<li class='should'> x86_64-darwin (needs help from Nettle users)</li>
<li class='should'> armv7-linux-gnu (pandaboard test platform)</li>
<li class='wish'> armv7-android (possible test platform: N10 tablet)</li>
<li class='should'> sparc32-solaris10</li>
<li class='should'> sparc64-solaris10</li>
<li class='done'> sparc32-solaris10</li>
<li class='done'> sparc64-solaris10</li>
<h1> Plans for nettle-3.0 </h1>
<h1> Changes under consideration for later releases </h1>
<p> These are some larger API changes under consideration. </p>
<p> These are some other changes under consideration. </p>
<h2> New features </h2>
<p class='should'>
Make it possible to build nettle and hogweed using mini-gmp.
<p class='should'>
Fat binary, selecting code at runtime depending on cpu
<h2> Interface changes </h2>
<p class='should'>
......@@ -178,9 +187,6 @@
buffering. E.g., when using them for HMAC keyed "inner" and
"outer" states, we now get three buffers but we only need one.
<p class='wish'>
Make it possible to build nettle and hogweed using mini-gmp.
<p class='should'>
Reorganize private key operations. Need to support RSA with and
without blinding, and DSA according to spec and some deterministic
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